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Vibia is based in Barcelona, a city famous for its design culture. Vibia’s mission is to make it easier for every individual to identify with the space in which they live, work and visit by supplying the right lighting and inspiring the creative abilities and good taste of both consumers and design professionals with a unique range of lighting products. Vibia evolves by studying and understanding how people live in their spaces, surprising them with just the right proposals - often unexpected - to help create the desired feelings. Innovation is part of Vibia's DNA. Product development is a never-ending source of stimulation: constantly incorporating new technology, processes and materials to make every new product a new challenge, with no limits.

















Our top Vibia picks

Vibia Slim 0914 7xLED 60cm
Vibia Match 003 Suspension
Vibia Warm 4901 Table Lamp
Vibia Skan 0275 Suspension
Vibia Set 7761

Vibia - from the Village Blog

More from the Village Blog

23 October 2018 Permalink

David Village Recommends: Bedroom Luminaires.

From our extensive selection of contemporary iconic lighting designs, we handpick our most suitable for the bedroom. 

Send yourself into a peaceful slumber…
Bedroom lighting is an important aspect of your personal space, get it right and your room will be transformed into an area of tranquillity.

Lightyears Night Owl

Lightyears Night Owl: £112.20

From our knowledge and experience, we know that the type of light you choose will have an impact on the feeling and mood of your space.

A diffused or indirect light source is ideal for the bedside to promote a relaxing atmosphere. There is no risk of glare or over-exposure, let your eyes re-adjust for the evening to set the tone for restful sleep or peaceful time for reflection. We would recommend lamps with frosted or opal glass diffusers, creating a soft glowing effect. In-direct light can be an effective design feature to create a good amount of light but shield the eyes from the unwanted brightness.

Flos IC Low table

Flos IC Low Table: £289.00

How much light is required for your contemporary space?

Choosing the amount of light you need: What do you realistically require the light for? Do you need a bit of extra light for basic tasks such as reading or do you purely use your space for rest? If you need a little versatility then a lamp with a dimmer function will suit perfectly.

Marset Dipping lamp

Marset Dipping Lamp: £192.98

Size and design must be taken into consideration to get the most out of your light. 

The third and final contributing factor to choosing a Bedroom light is size. Will this fit by your bedside? Is it a design feature or a subtle implement? Space can sometimes be an issue within the bedroom, to which many people turn to the wall light for a savvy solution.

Vibia Pin wall

Vibia Pin wall: £228.89

Here are some of our other favourite designs:

David Village Lighting
       Menu Carrie                                    &Tradition Flowerpot                         Artemide Melampo


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16 May 2018 Permalink

David Village Lighting


New Vibia Collections

Last month we told you all about the new Vibia Guise collection and we are thrilled to share that it is now available along with 2 other brand new families and an addition to the North family.

We have been working with Vibia for many years and in that time we have seen the most beautiful design pieces released by them.

The 3 new collections are all families which all work well placed on their own or together in a space.



The new Guise collection includes two wall versions and both horizontal and vertical pendants. The versatility of the collection allows for it to be placed over a dinning table, in a sitting room, used as office lighting and areas where a cluster of lights is needed. Designer Stefan Diez worked with Vibia to develop a collection which explored the ability of glass. The collection joins together technique and tradition with the latest technology.


Guise uncovers a new potential for LED technology with the light source invisible, emanating directly from the material. When off its transparency makes it almost disappear and when on it gives a fluid, luminous presence.

Click here to view the Guise collection!


The new Musa family is designed by Note Design Studio based in Sweden. The Musa design is one of organic qualities and function. The delicate and elegantly designed collection includes a table, a wall and a portable version. 


The simple design creates a hint of light emitted by the small hand blown opal glass sphere which expands over the space which surrounds it.

The portable version has its own battery which can last up to 18 hours and has a push dimmer on the base making it perfect for adding a glow to a summer evening.

Click here to view the Musa collection!


Desginer Antoni Arola considers Palma as if it were a landscape project that will be transformed over time. The inspiration was to create ambience within an interior setting with a luminous hanging garden.


The design introduces planting which is normally associated with the outdoors to an indoor setting. The collection includes a range of pendant and wall versions both with horizontal and vertical designs. In the family there are versions which have both the blown opal glass globe and the pot for a hanging plant and ones which have just the individual glass globe.

Palma has a warm dimmable integrated LED filleted by the 2 half glass spheres which are joined together by an aluminium ring in either graphite or white.

Click here to view the Palma collection!


The new addition to the North collection is a floor lamp which is suspended from the ceiling using an almost invisible steel cable. The light has a counterweight placed on the ground which guides the electrical cable and allows the stem and shade to be placed wherever required.


The North family is an Arik Levy design and is elegant, varied and very adaptable. The new version adds to the family a floor light that luminously covers but does not invade the surrounding space.

Click here to view the North collection!

David Village Lighting

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6 March 2018 Permalink

David Village Lighting

New Vibia Guise Collection

New Vibia Guise Collection

Vibia have teamed up with German designer Stefan Diez for one of their latest collections, Guise. 

New Vibia Guise Collection

The collection includes a series of glass lamps which feature glowing etched patterns and edges. Diez worked with Vibia to develop a lighting collection which explored the ability of glass. He began by testing different materials such as paper and PVC. Diez found glass to be the most reflective material to use. 

New Vibia Guise Collection

Each of the lamps feature a strip of concealed LEDs that shine through the glass catching the edges and the patterns etched into it. Despite the collection not yet released it has already been chosen as a recipient of the 2018 German Design Awards.

New Vibia Guise Collection

The collection is expected to be released in April and will include wall and suspension versions. Keep an eye on our social media for more about the release or click here to view the Vibia range!

David Village Lighting

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Come Dine With Vibia!

28 February 2017 Permalink


David Village Lighting

According to Vibia, going out is the new staying in. However, we don’t agree!
Many up-and-coming restaurants, trendy eateries and stylish bars are recreating the cosy calming feel of home. With the best comfort food being served, relaxing environments and casual dining situations, these experiences are inspired by the contentment of home.

Vibia Flamingo

By staying in, you can create the ambience you desire for intimate gatherings or bustling dinner parties.
One of the many reasons we dine out is the extraordinary experience we get from a new and unique environment. Recreating the sense of occasion with personalised design at home can transform the way we approach dining, as well as how we treat the everyday rituals. 

Vibia Match

The right lighting can influence the entire interior design, whether you’re aiming for a minimalist style or a casual inviting space.

Vibia Slim

Get inspired by Vibia lighting to create a dining/kitchen area worth staying in for!

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David Village Lighting

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31 January 2017 Permalink


Best of the year – Vibia Flamingo

Barcelona based lighting design company, Vibia, celebrate as they receive a Best of the Year Award for their pendant, Flamingo.

Revealed in December the award is the third in one a row that Vibia has received.

“As we strive to design the right products for the most dynamic creators and users of interior spaces, it is truly moving to be honoured with a third consecutive Best of Year award from Interior Design”.


The Flamingo was created by designer Antoni Arola for Vibia. The pendant collection provides an ambient light through a thermoplastic translucent diffuser which perform like a spot light thanks to it LED light source.

The Flamingo collection combines an impacting aesthetic with functional design.  The Flamingo lamp is available in a variety of models as part of the same concept.

View the Flamingo collection online by clicking here!

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David Village Lighting


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New In – Vibia North

19 September 2016 Permalink


Vibia’s newest collection, North, is now available and we’ve added the popular design to our website!


   5600                                                       5630                                                   5670

The Vibia North Collection is designed by Arik Levy and is a family of floor, wall and ceiling lamps. The family is available in four tones of lacquered matt: White, Cream, Blue and Graphite and all feature an LED light source.

The North wall lamp is fixed by a base which is then separated from the light source to offer a wide lighting effect.

The North floor lamp is an elegant, adaptable design which makes it possible to direct light exactly where you want it. Several arms are positioned to protrude from the base providing different angles of light.

The North pendant lamps are composed of traditional shades suspended from a slim carbon fibre rod structure. Vibia offers six models of pendant lamps in different sizes making it suitable for residential spaces just as much as for public or commercial use.


To View the North designs we have on our website click here, or contact us for more information on the range!

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David Village Lighting

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Featured – Vibia Mayfair

5 August 2016 Permalink


 Designed by Diego Fortunato the Vibia Mayfair lamp has an elegant and timeless design yet hides a revolutionary past.

“I wanted to design a product with a historical reference because people, in these times of uncertainty, love to have some reference of the past.” Diego Fortunato


Fortunato looked for inspiration in the classic billiard style lamp which was used to illuminate 18th Century lounges and games rooms. The sophisticated style of the lamp inspired him to create a versatile design which would be able to be placed anywhere, such as in the home or office.


 The Vibia Mayfair is produced with the latest LED lighting which is made of two layers. One layer provides a perfectly even light by reflecting off the inside of the shade and the other, a warmer indirect up-light.This neutral design approach is complemented by a range of matte and gloss finishes and comes in a variation of table, floor and pendant lamps.

Learn more about the Making of the Vibia Mayfair by clicking HERE


The Vibia Mayfair collection is available to purchase on our website here!

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David Village Lighting

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14 July 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting

David Village Lighting

As the tension rises on the court we take some inspiration from the Wimbledon colours. Purple and green are two colours which can add a quirky pop of colour to your interior and be a key piece in creating a theme throughout your home.

Above we’ve picked out some designs which show of the Wimbledon shades!

1. Kartell Easy     2. Muuto E27    3. Le Klint Swirl    4. Brokis Memory

5. Flos Miss Sissi   6. Flos Ray   7. Vibia Mayfair    8. Kartell Master

9. Kartell Sotass   10. Louis Poulsen AJ

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David Village Lighting

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17 March 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting

Friday the 17th of March sees the annual celebration for St Patrick’s Day. The Irish public holiday has inspired us to think all things green and open up the idea of using the traditional Irish shade in our home décor. Green can often be a daring colour to incorporate into an interior but with the above lights we show you how to add the colour into your space.

1. Original BTC School Rise and Fall    2. Muuto Ambit   3. Foscarini Chouchin    4. Kartell FLY

5. Artemide Tolomeo Micro    6. Kartell Masters    7. Fontana Arte Blom

8. Louis Poulsen  AJ Table    9. Vibia Mayfair 5500

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David Village Lighting

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10 March 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting

Preparation for summer...

Garden lighting

Spring has returned to warm our skin and brighten our outlook! This is the perfect time to start preparing our garden for summer, allowing us to stay outside longer. Treating your garden like another room of the house will add value to your property and increase your own enjoyment of it.

Lighting is a practical addition to any exterior space as well a beautiful decorative feature. Wall lights, floor standing and table lamps are traditional lighting forms which work very well. There are also recessed spotlights for decking and flooring, spike spotlights to illuminate plants and bollards to light your way.

See our favourite selection from our website:

1. Oluce Stones 2. Marset TXL 3. Light Attach Iona 4. Foscarini Uto 5. Flos Ipnos

6. Vibia Meridiano 7. Bover Amphora 8. Foscarini Havana

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David Village Lighting

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10 November 2016 Permalink

Tags: Anglepoise, Artemide, Bocci, David Village Lighting, Elle Decoration, Fabbian, Flos, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Interior Design, Lighting, Light Years, Louis Poulsen, Oluce, Original BTC, Prandina, Terzani, Verpan, Vibia, Wastberg

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14 October 2016 Permalink

David Village Lighting

This months Elle Decoration looks at the ‘Mood of the Moment’. With calming tones and natural materials the lighting featured will inspire you to create a sleek and stylish interior using neutral shades and crisp autumn metallic finishes. The magazine is accompanied with an essential bathroom guide, because every room deserves to be on trend.

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Muuto Ambit       Flos Taraxacum      Kartell Ge     Bestlite BL7     Gubi Adnet

Flos 265    Prandina Gong Mini     Verpan VP Globe Glass     Moooi Random

Muuto Restore Basket     Flos Copycat    Foscarini Birdie   Flos IC

Flos Arco    Vibia Mayfair   &Tradition Flowerpot VP4 

 Artemide La Petite     Flos Captain Flint   Santa&Cole Tripod G5

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David Village Lighting

Tags: Artemide, Bestlite, David Village lighting, Elle Decoration, Flos, Foscarini, Gubi, Interior Design, Kartell, Lighting, Moooi, Muuto, Prandina, Santa&Cole, &Tradition, Verpan, Vibia

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26 August 2016 Permalink

Our Favourite New Products of the Month!

This month we’ve been busy adding lots of new and exciting products to our website. We’ve picked out some of our favourites to share with you!

Fontana Arte Avico Outdoor Suspension

Fontana Arte

The Fontana Arte Avico is a beautiful extra large, big- impact suspension lamp.  The semispherical shaped lamp is designed to be situated outdoors with and an IP 55 rating. The lamp is made with a translucent white polyethylene diffuser and an iron canopy with an anodized aluminium colour finish. The Lamp can be fitted with a lower disc which covers and the hides the light sources, this is sold as a separate accessory.

AXO Light Hoops


The Axo Hoops is a collection of ceiling and suspension lamps with interchangeable elements in three different shapes and sizes. The shade is an attachment of 24k gold finish circular pieces which can emit light upwards and downwards at the same time. 

Vibia Puck & Puck Wall Art


The Puck Wall Light and Wall Art collection is created by Jordi Vilardell. The collection is one which expresses light using circular forms and by using a LED source it creates  a warm, even and glare-free light.  The wall light features a matt triple opal blown glass diffuser and be can customised into a wide range of lighting compositions which are superimposed over one another to create a personalised wall art. The Puck Wall’s versatility means it works well either on it’s on or groped together.

Muuto Accessories


Muuto have been adding to their accessory and furniture collections and we love it all! Featured above are the Framed Mirrors and the Five Pouf. The Framed collection is a series of mirrors in two sizes and three colour versions. The mirrors can be hung either on their own or in groups to create an almost art-like mirror installation on the wall, they are well suited to be used in bathrooms and other wet rooms.

The Five Pouf which is designed by Anderssen & Voll evokes visions of neatly ploughed fields. The Five Pouf’s rows of quilted tailored material make it versatile and easily adaptable to multiple settings.  The pouf’s pentagon form is the ideal shape to accompaniment any sofa, to be used as an extra seat for a guest or to simply liven up a dull corner.

Artemide Meteorite Table


The Meteorite is a collection which has five different versions: table, table with stem, floor, wall/ceiling and suspension. The Meteorite Stem Table 15 and 35 feature a chromed aluminium and steel stem with a blown glass diffuser. The diffuser is made with a double layer of artistic glass which is obtained through a ‘stampo a fermo’ mould-blowing technique. 

Moooi Coppelia Chandelier


We’ve already featured this chandelier but we love it so much we’re showing it off again! The Coppélia design is a new interpretation of a classic chandelier created by established Japanese designer Arihiro Miyake. The design was inspired by a ballerina’s sinuous moment and creates a delicate image in the air. Powered by a low voltage current, the design has no need for additional wires.

Fabbian Roofer


Youthful is the most appropriate adjective to describe this collection of hanging lamps designed by Benjamin Hubert. The inspiration for the design came from roof tiles and they were also the idea behind the shape of the single elements which are attached by hand. The scales are made in a semi-rigid rubbery material which can be machine washed at 30 degrees.  The indoor lamp collection is available in five different shapes and sizes and can be hung either using a cable or fitted directly to the ceiling rose.

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David Village Lighting

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9 August 2016 Permalink

ELLE Decoration

ELLE Decoration September is full of ideas and inspiration to get your home ready for the new season. They feature some of world’s most beautiful homes and glorious garden all bursting with decorating tips, tricks and advice. The lights featured are a range of beautifully classic designs such as the beloved Flos Arco and the Margaret Howell Anglepoise range.

View all of this months featured products by clicking below

Flos Arco    Verpan Fun    AXO Fedora   Gubi Ronde    Vibia Wirefow

Muuto Leaf    Lampe Gras N312L    Muuto Under The Bell    Flos Spun

    Anglepoise by Margaret Howell    Flos Kelvin   Flos IC

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David Village Lighting

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8 July 2016 Permalink

Our Favourite New Products This Month!

Bover Siam


Designed by Joana Bover the beautiful SIAM lamp has an oriental feel with its clean yet stylish hand-wrapped ribbon design available in red, white or cream. The lamp can be grouped in number of formations in turn creating an elegant impact of suspended light.




Luceplan Mesh

The Luceplan Mesh is a suspension lamp offering multiple lighting scenarios for personalisation and functional performance. The lightweight, almost transparent structure is composed of a network of metal cables with the LED’s positioned at their intersections .The structure of the lamp allows freedom in the control of the lights: the intensity can be adjusted, and its possible to choose which sections to illuminate.

Original BTC

Original BTC Titian

The titian is an original 1940s design, frequently seen in factories and industrial units of the period. There is also an option for the titian with an etched glass visor which helps prevent glare and provides a softer, more diffused light.


Prandina Zerodieci

The Prandina Zerodieci Suspension S7 is a suspended lamp perfect for diffused lighting. With a matt white painted ceiling rose the lamp offers a sleek and simple yet stylish design, perfect for the home. With an opal white blown glass diffuser the lamp is available with an Eco or LED option.

Lampe Gras

 Lampe Gras Nº411 Floor

The Lampe Gras Nº411 floor lamp is perfect to use for reading and rooms suited for directed light. The lamp is created with wonderful proportions and an adjustable design which thanks to its double-elbow allows it to be rotated twice through 340°.


Santa&Cole Arne Domas

The Santa & Cole Arne Domas Hanging Lamp is both urban and elegant featuring a LED spotlight, designed in house by the Santa & Cole team. It is the expression of cutting-edge technology in its most natural form and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with an IP 55 rating.

Artuo alvarez

Artuo Alvarez Temp Vivace

The Arturo Alvarez Tempo Vivace is a pendant lamp made with painted stainless steel mesh. This material, crafted in fine pleats, forms two overlapped layers that create two different soft flowing effects.


Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Brass Wall

Sophisticated brass detailing on the fittings and fasteners, an engraved brass fork block logo badge and a carefully chosen five-shade colour palette makes the Original 1227 Giant Brass wall mounted lamp a serious investment piece. The articulated arm provides total flexibility, allowing smaller spaces to enjoy some over-sized chic.


Vibia Mayfair Floor/ Suspension

The Mayfair lamps are a Diego Fortunato design. The entire Mayfair collection incorporates LED lighting and comes in various finishes: Green or Orange, Graphite or White and Gold or Copper.


 Wästberg W151 Extra Large Pendant

The Wästberg W151 Extra Large Pendant is based on the most basic of geometrical shapes, the cone. The lamp comes in three variations: the tall and narrow, the conical and the coolie. All three are super-sized, pushing the limits of manufactured spun aluminium, yet it will still fit through a normal doorframe. 

With these new products comes more so keep your eyes peeled for the latest designs!

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David Village Lighting

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Let’s go outside…

29 April 2016 Permalink

exterior Lighting

It is fast approaching that time of year, where the weather is getting better and our attentions turn to the exterior area of our homes.
Among many, the garden is considered to be an extension of the living room, where in summer it can become the relaxing space one dreams of.

Our selection of outdoor lighting and furniture can create an atmospheric place to enjoy, for family, friends or a space for peaceful time alone. Browse through our collection of exterior features to brighten up your outdoor living. Follow the links below:

(From left to right)

Bega & Boom Lighting, Kartell Bubble Club Sofa,

Bover Fora , Bover Amphora , Foscarini Gregg, Marset Santorini,

Foscarini Solar, Kundalini Atomium, Marset Soho,

Vibia Meridiano, Kartell Masters.

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore!

David Village Lighting

Tags: Bega, Boom, Bover, Foscarini, Kartell, Kundalini, Marset, Vibia

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Vibia Puck Wall Art

17 August 2015 Permalink

Vibia Puck wall art

Vibia Puck was launched in 2012 and since then the product range has continued to grow. The design was created by Jordi Vilardell as a feature wall light which could be put together in different formations, the result would be a creative installation adding interest to environments. The collection comes in a range of sizes, colours, lighting outputs and even in premade arrangements to allow easy customisation for customers. The concept behind the design is to create truly unique installations to suit the needs of all.

Vibia Puck wall art office lighting

An extremely high quality finish is achieved by using premium opal triplex glass, injection moulded aluminium which creates the perfect finish to Vibia standard. Each individual ‘Puck’ emits a “very soft light which is pleasant and warm” as described by Jordi Vilardell himself.

Vibia puck Jordi Vilardell

Vibia Puck wall art can create dynamic compositions for features in both residential and commercial environments, which is why this design has been featured frequently in publications such as Elle Decoration UK.

Vibia Puck wall art home

Vibia Puck lighting range is available on our website, for more options and customisations please contact us.

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore!

David Village Lighting

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Elle Decoration UK September Features

11 August 2015 Permalink

Elle Decoration lighting home features

Another month…another Elle Decoration magazine, featuring stunning lighting and furniture available on our website. September’s issue saw smart shopping tips, new trends and dream modern interiors. A theme of oceanic blue shades dressed the walls of Elle décor’s homes, which meant monochromatic details from the lighting and furnishing within. Here are six most wanted items featured this month:

1 – Flos Arco floor lamp
2 – Vibia Puck wall lights
3 – Moooi Carbon chair
4 – Flos Snoopy table lamp
5 – Lightyears Caravaggio P1 suspension
6 – Flos Spun floor lamp

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David Village Lighting

Tags: Elle Decor, Elle Decoration UK, Flos, interiors, lighting, Light Years, Moooi, Vibia

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Vibia Wireflow – Best in Lighting!

3 July 2015 Permalink

Elle Decoration is unmistakably one of the leading forums in interior design, setting trends and featuring only the best in design. July’s issue has seen the return of Elle Decoration’s International Design Awards. For the category Best in Lighting it was awarded to Vibia for their Wireflow pendant light.

elle decor best in lighting vibia

We are proud to be a Vibia distributor supplying the Wireflow and the full Vibia range to the UK market.

The Wireflow pendant series was designed by Arik Levy and has become an iconic product for the company. It was first released for display in 2013 at Euroluce Milan Salone de Mobile where it became a highly anticipated release for 2014.

Arik Levy designer of vibia wireflow

The idea behind the unique structure of the Wireflow is the deconstruction of a chandelier, taking it back to its simplistic form. The design reflects the outline of grand chandeliers often creating a 2D effect, comparable to a line drawing. Arik Levy was experimenting with the idea of extreme simplification, focusing on a delicate silhouette but maintaining a strong formal presence. Achieving this, Levy created a groundbreaking design which has won three awards to present. Futuristic and minimalist in its appearance, it is easy to see why the Wireflow is chosen time and time again for commercial projects and large residential spaces.

wireflow designs

The series varies is size, simplicity and shape. Designs such as 0315 has a very complex geometric style and large scale, where as the 0313 is smaller and simplified making suitable for domestic use. The Wireflow range has a wide variety of formations to choose from, each of which are customisable to suit/fit into the interiors in mind. This design is a versatile lighting sculpture, which continues to be popular for its modern and impacting presence. 

vibia wireflow

Visit us on our social sites to keep up to date on new products and what's on trend! You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and now Polyvore! 

David Village Lighting Logo

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Vibia New Products at Euroluce 2015!

23 April 2015 Permalink

Vibia Flaming pendants 2015 Euroluce

Vibia new floor lamps euroluce 2015

Vibia cutain suspension euroluce 2015

Vibia Mayfair table lamps Euroluce 2015

Vibia created a huge amount of attention with their new stunning collection releaved at Euroluce 2015. The Flamingo suspension light (first image) has been very well recieved, as well as interesting floor lights North and Suite (second image) for their unusual designs. Curtain is a Ceiling light, hung at the exhibition in an installation to create a very eye catching effect! Finally the Mayfair range of table lamps, featuring different colours and materials and simplistic design. 

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Maison and Objet Key Trends for 2015

31 January 2015 Permalink

maison and objet logo

The Maison and Objet event in Paris is a forecast for interior trends for the year ahead, comparable to Fashion week in Spring/Summer. This year the event has predicted four key trends based upon the popular themes and attention created by the exhibitors and exhibition visitors. The first unsurprising trend is Metallics. Particularly warm toned hues. This choice of metallic finishes has progressively become more popular for a few years now and has gradually filtered even down onto the high street! Here are our picks for the Metallic trend:

maison and objet metallic trend

1 - Kartell Fly Precious Pendants 2 - Tom Dixon Copper Mirror Ball shade 3 - Anglepoise Original 1227 in Chrome 4 - Tom Dixon Base Copper Floor Lamp 5 - &Tradition Utzon in Copper 6 - Terzani Orten’zia Table Lamp in Gold 7 - Foscarini Birdie Table Lamp in Chrome 8 - &Tradition Flowerpot in Copper 9 - Tom Dixon Base Table Lamp in Polish Brass 10 - Kartell Bourgie Copper Table Lamp

Our second trend From Maison and Objet is Hints of Neon, maybe not to everyone’s liking but a just a hint of a bright colour can add a bright cheerful pop of colour into our homes, especially appropriate for the Spring/Summer time. It is a nod to the 90’s as Fashion has also done. Neon has been seen on textiles, furniture, home accessories and also lighting. Be brave and give it a try! Here are our Picks for Neon Trend:

maison and objet neon trend

1 – Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo Micro in orange 2 – Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo Micro in yellow 3 – Vibia Wind Suspension in green or orange 4 – Oluce Canopy 422 in Pink 5 – Kartell Ghost Chairs in assorted colours 6 – Kartell Cindy Table Lamp in orange 7 – Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp in Blue

The third trend on the 2015 forecast is the colour Santorini Blue a shade to provoke a Mediterranean but modern vibe, a shade of blue to create tranquillity and timeless look within a space. These are our Santorini Blue Trend options:

maison and objet santorini blue trend

1 – Flos Miss Sissi Lamp in blue 2 – Kartell Fly Suspension in blue 3 – Kartell Cindy in blue 4 – Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo Micro in blue 5 – &tradition Flowerpot in Blue

Our final trend noted from Maison and Objet is the Natural Minerals, the style has come from the increasing need for eco friendly home fashions and is becoming increasing popular. Aesthetics showcasing a rustic, hand crafted and natural look, often paired with pastel and neutral colours to complete the highly stylish design. Here are our picks from this theme:

maison and objet natural trend

1 – Muuto Wood Table Lamp 2 – Decode Heavy Desk Lamp 3 – Tom Dixon Off Cut Stool 4 – Secto Victo Suspension Lamp 5 – Fabbian Stick Floor Lamp 6 – Santa & Cole Fad Table Lamp

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Vibia Match LED Lighting

5 June 2014 Permalink

The Vibia Match can be configured in any number of different ways, forming a light sculpture that illuminates central themes of space and interior decoration. Match allows you to create chaotically arranged structures which can be adapted to fit into the room and the space available. The lights are made from thin rods of aluminium, each of which is tipped with an LED light terminal.

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